There’s a fine line between looking fully awesome or full of yourself. Everyone wants to hit this sweet spot—professional but also genuine. For nonprofits there’s an added rub: look too slick and donors think you’re being frivolous with money. Look too grass roots and donors underestimate your capacity to deliver your promise.

me3Having split my career between nonprofit work and design, I deftly straddle that line, helping clients find their voice and show their humanity—and their excellence.

In the past decade plus, I’ve worked with all kinds of clients. But it’s the place where my two worlds intersect—design and social good—that I find the best and most gratifying work. No matter what form your work takes—an individual practice, a nonprofit organization, a business with a cause—I will help you find the essence of what you do and why it matters.

About me
My mother, an interior designer, taught me that cerulean and blue are not the same color. In the 2nd and 3rd grades, I won school competitions for designing children’s books. My 6th grade science fair project was on pigment. I started my training early—very early!

Then I diverged. I went to liberal arts school and studied politics, economics, and sociology. After university I had a ten year career working for a national nonprofit, primarily managing national service programs. Somewhere along the line I began designing materials for the conferences that I was helping put on. Typography, color, and composition hooked me again and I returned to school for graphic design.

In 2002, I took the leap and started a graphic design business. But my nonprofit gene was never abandoned. It was repurposed. Into a designer that collaborates. A strategy that gets what you do. And design that shows why it matters.